The Revival offers customized workshops for groups interested in creativity, spontaneity and collaboration.



“We LOVED it!” – Director of Human Resources, Harris School of Public Policy

“We had a great team building experience!” – Assoc. Director, Leadership Development, Chicago Booth

“Our improv training with The Revival was fantastic!” – Asst. Director, Center for Leadership & Involvement



Improv training has become a widely heralded approach to improving listening, communication and teamwork skills.  No longer a tool used exclusively by actors and other performing artists, improv workshops have become commonplace in traditional academic and business settings as well.  Workshops lead participants through a challenging yet fun curriculum designed to improve creative, presentation and team-building skills in a safe, collaborative environment.  From small management retreats to large-company-wide conferences, The Revival provides a fun and refreshing alternative to droning speakers and uninspired PowerPoint presentations.  The Revival delivers innovative, engaging experiences customized to address the unique objectives of each individual client.


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